Board Secretary: Chuck Weswig

Chuck Weswig is a native Oregonian from Corvallis, Oregon. He grew up in a family that believes that music performance and appreciation was an important part of life. He started with the trumpet in 5th grade and participated in bands through college at Oregon State University. He greatest accomplishment in band was to marry a very special flute player, his wife Lynetta. Chuck continues to play the trumpet as part of St Matthew Lutheran Church musical performances.

Chuck's relationship with the Big Horn Brass started with attending one of the first Christmas performances in the 80's with his family. His son, Erik, was inspired to play the baritone by attending these concerts. Erik died in 1995 and a memorial fund was established to fund programs and events that were special to him. The memorial fund has been the primary sponsor of the free Big Horn Brass Holiday Concert at St Matthew Lutheran Church, which continues to be a holiday tradition for hundreds.

By profession, Chuck is a program manager with many years of experience with Meier & Frank department stores and Nike.